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ELT Certified Installer


The ELT Green Roof systems offer complete flexibility in design to ensure you have a green roof that will meet your needs, whatever the application.

ELT EasyGreen Sloped Roof System

ELT Interactive Educational Green Roof


ELT Hybrid Green Roof

  • Light weight
  • Pre-vegetated or plant in
    place options
  • Variable depths
  • Indigenous planting options
  • Easy detailing
  • Supports pavers & retaining walls
  • Effective in sloped roof applications
  • Modularity allows for easy access to roof deck if required
  • Water retention
  • Self irrigating


ELT Intensive Green Roof

  • Prevention of Storm Water Runoff
  • Curb the Heat Island efffect
  • Monetary Savings
  • Double the Life expectancy of Roof Membrane
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduction of Air Pollution
  • Increased Insulation and reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Bring Nature to Urban Areas

  • Green Roofs protect buildings by shielding them from large temperature swings and UV light, this in turn not only improves our environment but also reduces the costs of owning and operating a building.
  • Concrete and asphalt absorb heat from the sun, vehicles and air conditioners during the day and exhaust them at night - this is known as 'Heat Island Effect'. This creates overheating which increases cooling efforts and costs.
  • Plants add moisture vapor to the air cooling it and creating cools spots to counteract the problem.
  • Green Roofs can be functional, add beauty, create more useable space, and connect clients with the outdoors.
  • Rain water must be directed away from roads and buildings to allow for the flow of traffic and to prevent the building from flooding. Storm water collection systems are continually being upgraded which is costly. Green Roofs retain a significant amount of storm water which reduces the amount of water that must be redirected.
  • Green Roofs extend the life of the Roof Membrane. It slows the deterioration of concrete.

  • Return on investment. Long term savings in the reduction of costs.

  • Can reduce the cost of Impact fees

All of this backed by ELT Warranties and certified professionals for your design, installation and maintenance needs.

ELT Extensive Green Roof
ELT Urban Agriculture Roof for Edible Plants


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